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Conventional Counter Terrorism courses too expensive? Presenters not knowledgable enough? Is it difficult to set aside enough time for training?


If one or all of those questions is true this is the on demand course for you. Presented by one the UK's leading experts in Counter Terrorism, affordable as its a fixed fee for a fixed period and you can do the course from the comfort of your own home or mobile device.  


This video based course will give you a historic perspective of Terrorism right back to the time of the Romans and bringing you right up to date, Chris Phillips, former head of NaCTSO gives you an insight into practical life skills to keep you and your family safe from terrorism at home and whilst travelling. It also gives detailed advice on how to build a security culture within your business. 


After watching the course you are invited to take a test and once you pass with a required grade you will be awarded a certificate. 




11 Soverign House

1 Bridge Road 

East Molesey




Company Registration Number 742 54 84  


Refund Policy - If you are not completely delighted with the course please let us know your concerns and if valid we will give you a full refund. 

On Demand Counter Terrorism Course (Priced Per Person, Discounts For Bulk Buy)

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