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A Physical Security Assessment is a method of testing the security of a business using social engineering techniques which are realistic, but designed in a way that make it non disruptive to the client.


Independence from the company providing the on-site security services, or suppliers of security equipment is vital to ensure there are no conflicts of interest.


Businesses are often at their most vulnerable out-of-office hours. Lack of a clear desk policy can lead to serious security breaches. Often sensitive papers are left out and open for viewing by non-security employees such as cleaning staff etc.



What Do Physical Security Assessments Cover?


We will conduct reconnaissance of the security at the site, and then carry out a number of penetration tests which will offer a reasonable impression of the level of security at the building.


If one is successful we will attempt to covertly gain access to other parts of the building and attempt to gain access to sensitive information.


In order to test that staff are aware that security does not start inside the building and that Criminals and Terrorists often reconnoitre building before attacking them, we will carry out clear and obvious hostile reconnaissance at the site.


The aim of this is to identify whether the security staff are focussed on the bigger picture of site security.


We will carry out an out-of-hours check to see how security conscious staff are at their workstation.


This will involve unlocked pedestals, drawers, access to cupboards and sensitive information. We will write a report detailing our findings making observations and recommendations if relevant.


Our Physical Security Assessment services align with professional practices as recommended by ACPO and are an essential means of measuring compliance against international security standards.

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