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We are experts in protecting Crowded Places. These types of locations offer terrorists and organised criminals a range of potentially significant targets.


Visitors’ enjoyment is the principal objective of the owners and managers of crowded places but for this to happen, it requires a safe environment.


Terrorism is an unpredictable phenomenon. Lessons have been learned about what can be done to prepare for it, to ensure that we remain vigilant at all times, and to react in the face of an emergency.


We provide the principles and the process that are recommended are derived from the experience of our experts.


These may be unlikely to come naturally to busy managers and employees, for whom violent incidents are an exceptionally rare occurrence. But that is precisely why our advice and assistance is so important.


We can help the management teams and owners of every crowded place to initiate appropriate and proportionate security measures and preparations, procedures and training as are appropriate to their specific circumstances.

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